Your Hair comes first!!!

Hair extensions are an easy way to achieve your desired hair length and volume. Your natural hair roots can get weakened with the weight of extensions on it. Here are 10 important tips I have for you to always keep in mind when getting extensions.

#1 Only go to a professional, someone that you can trust.

#2 Start with half head installation to see how your roots react to it

#3 Always wait at least 2 weeks to a month in between getting a new set of extensions so your roots can recover

#4 Use mild shampoos, preferably sulfate free

#5 Use a bore bristle or loop brush to de-tangle your extensions

#6 Never leave your hair open when going to bed, braid them loosely or tie them into a bun

#7 Be very gentle while brushing your hair

#8 Never apply conditioner on your extension bonds

#9 Always apply heat protection when Heat styling your hair

#10 Get your extension bonds checked by a professional at least once a month

Hope all these tips help you achieve your desired hair while keeping your own hair strong and healthy. Check our website for our hair extension services.

Author: Iqra

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